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Washington Post, october 16, 2017

"Ensemble 4.1 dazzles at Phillips concert series."

"powerful sonority" - "masters" - "unassailable musicianship"

"This was music of pith and beauty"

Virginia Gazette, october 11, 2017

"Piano Windtet is breath of fresh air"

"4.1 exhibited a superb blend of sound, technique and musicianship."

"extraordinary balance"

"pure sounds with perfectly modulated vibrato and impeccable intonation"


Schwaebische Zeitung, 6.2.2017

"This classical lunch concert impressed everybody!"

Schwaebische Zeitung, 18.9.2016

"Thrilling Rarities"

"The „Piano Windtet“ 4.1 played inspired and relaxed at the Festhalle"

"Such wonderful musical experience! And very rare, on top of that! The ensemble 4.1 must be one of the very few, if not the only „Piano Windtet“ with steady members: four highclass woodwind players and one excellent pianist."

"The piece we heard impressed with its power, accentuated verve, yet soft and almost sweet, romantic, with tender voice."

Badische Zeitung, 5.8.2016
"A totally different, very special type of music!"

Haller Tagblatt, Schwäbisch Hall, 7.6.2016
Hohenloher Kultursommer: Rhytmical bouncing in the Rondo

"Ensemble 4.1 impressed the entire audience with their performance of seldomly heard works by Beethoven, Gieseking and the American composer Oldberg."

"...a warm and soft-edged sound and wonderfully intimate moments..."

"Thomas Hoppe provided strings of pearls on the keyboard. Beautiful the duets between piano and woodwinds,especially those lyrical moments with the clarinetist, Alexander Glücksmann. The exchange between all instruments made for a high density of sound and depth in emotional layers."

DeWeZet, 18.5.2016

„The Easy Riders of Viennese Classics“

„...a colorful mixture, totally virtuosic(...) of the likeable five.“ "masterly done"

„It is absolutely evident just how much joy these musicians of 4.1 experience when they perform. The ensemble 4.1 not only plays in total harmony together, but their dedication to the music and the performance is shinig through every note.“ 

Victoria International Arts Festival, 16.6.2016



"...what a dazzling experience it was on Wednesday! A fabulous concert that will not be easily forgotten by anyone who was privileged to be present."

"gorgeous tonal colour and dynamic intensity"             "teamwork of the finest and most elegant sort"

"the oboe delivered ... such exotic, warm, and sensuous tones."    

"A spontaneous standing ovation greeted the final chord, one that was prolonged and enthusiastic."

"Such performances enhance the already discreet yet sound reputation and respect that VIAF  has earned for itself in the 19 years of its existence."


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